Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Crazies


It's like Christmas come early!!! The original (guess which one) was made in 1973 an was directed by my hero, George A. Romero. The A stands for awesome. I am going to bed now.


a.e. said...

Wow--I love the trailer for the original, but the trailer for the new one looks surprisingly good. Of course it could suck. But thanks for the side-by-side comparision. I too loves me some George Romero. I just moved the original up to #1 in my Netflix queue!

a.e. said...

Also, forgot to say this, isn't that Lynn Lowry in the original? She played Nurse Forsythe in my favorite David Cronenberg film, Shivers. Awesome--and I also noticed that there are a few guys in the original who were also in NOTLD! A reunion!