Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick r Treat

Yes, I am a little late on the Trick 'r Treat bandwagon. Yes, it is 6 days after Halloween (it is always Halloween in my heart) and yes, on not one but TWO occasions I watched Gossip Girl instead of this flick. But forgive my past transgressions, I have finally seen the film that is kicking Chuck Brown's ass off my DVD list for Halloween.

It was B-Sol over at The Vault of Horror that called this film "It's a Wonderful Life" for adults. Check out his review at: He is right: This is OUR Holiday classic. Yes, we already have a few: a little flick by John Carpenter and for Zombiephiles (a word I accept as existing) a nice little piece by Romero, but THIS film is about our memories and traditions of Halloween and, as a bonus, its scary!!

Trick 'r Treat is an interwoven anthology film, originally shot with each story as a stand alone, and then edited so that they all tie together. If you didn't know this you probably wouldn't even notice it, but I thought that, at least in the first half of the film, the editing was a little off. THAT is my only complaint. Cinematography, score, set design, acting: all top notch. Especially, in that last category, the performance of Dylan Baker, one of my fave actors. He is creepy and funny here as a High School Principal with a very dark secret....

Everyone has a dark secret in this small town in Ohio where the action takes place. Frankly, I want to live there. They have a kick ass Halloween parade and an awesome little mascot named SAM who makes sure everyone follows the Halloween rules. Which are:
  1. Check your candy
  2. Wear a Costume
  3. Hand out candy to Trick or Treaters..
  4. Never, never blow out a Jack o Lantern before midnight.

I did not know that last one. Could explain the blood that was dripping down my windows all night.. Back to the flick. Four stories are told here: The Dylan Baker messed up Principal story, the Anna Paquin "Little Red Riding Hood" story, the "Halloween School Bus Massacre" story, and finally, SAM vs. Brian Cox, an alcoholic old geezer who does not follow the Halloween rules.

Need I say more? Rent or buy this!! If I labeled my posts you could go back and watch Season's Greetings, the animated short by Director Michael Dougherty that this film is based on. Since I am lazy and I don't label my posts, check it out on that YouTube site.

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a.e. said...

Jen, because of you and this post, I got this one from netflix and watched it last night--I loved it! That little pumpkin head Sam is very very creepy! One of the things I really like is that there is no explanation for any of it, really, and that makes me happy. It just is. Anyway-thanks for the heads up--this one is a keeper.