Saturday, November 7, 2009

A look at my inner Sci-Fi geek courtesty of V

When I was a kid the original V was a very important, indeed life altering show for me. See, it was my first experience with pop cultural obsession (Donny Osmond doesn't count) and as such, I was completely bonkers about it. To this day (and I just watched all the re-runs on "SyFy") I don't know what the attraction was. Could it be I liked the fact that it showed a culturally and economically diverse group of people banding together to fight a common enemy? Doubtful, since I was 10 and most likely still playing with Barbies (I was like an only child for Christ sakes!!!)Was it the horror element? I mean, these bad ass aliens were really lizards and they were here to eat us!!! If that is not horror I don't know what is. Was it Marc Singer, the Beastmaster? I may never know why this show touched me, but touched me it did, so much so that my parents called me up and asked if I was going to watch the "update." Of course I am watching it!! And guess what? It was pretty good. No, I am not going to run out and start writing fan fiction or obsessively staying home and watching it on Tuesday nights (which is usually the night I watch Gossip Girl.) But, the remake captured the spirit of the original: and the V's are a lot sexier this time out (or do I think so because I am 35 and not 10?) And it features a priest who is already starting to question his faith and most likely will have sex with the female lead played by Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost. My only concern is that rumor has it the Visitors are not here to eat us. That was the best part of the original!! Can't they want to eat us just a little??

Despite my love for V, and Star Wars and Star Trek, I did not turn into a Sci-Fi geek. Somewhere in my youth, or childhood (Sound of Music reference) I turned a dark corner and walked down horror alley and I have never found my way out. For the best really, I tried to watch Battlestar Gallactica and I just kept getting annoyed.

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