Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book of Blood

Happy October 1st!! "One day closer to Halloween, one day closer to Pumpkin Pie...." So yes, I am supposed to be writing about Lon Chaney but I promised a review of Clive Barker's Book of Blood and damn it... I keep my promises. I didn't promise that the review would be any good however....... so here we go.

I may have been having a fit of hysteria when I originally wrote about this film. Number One: It was on SyFy channel and it didn't totally suck..turning my world and highly cultivated sensibilities upside down. Number Two: I had been having a bit of insomnia which is why I watched this in the first place. Number Three: I worked a 7 day stretch (poor me) and anything over 5 days pretty much renders me useless. Thus, I wrote that I liked this film. Which I did, but I really should not have mentioned it. I watched an obviously "chopped" up version. The "theatrical" release should be out on DVD soon and I bet it will make a whole lot more sense than this thing did.

Mary checks out her Halloween costume.
Clive Barker's Book of Blood is based on the framing stories (Book of Blood and On Jerusalem Street) from the Books of Blood. I had read about this adaptation in Rue Morgue and was sad to see it ended up on the SyFy channel, home to such films as Aztec Rex and SS Doomtrooper. But I gave it a chance and I was impressed when somebody got their face ripped off in the first 5 minutes. I thought "This is a Clive Barker film!!" Jonas Armstrong stars as Simon, a young man with psychic abilities who may be able to speak with the dead. Sophie Ward plays Mary Florescu, a researcher that hires Simon to investigate a haunted house- Ghosthunters style. The fit hits the shan when Simon and Mary get it on. Sex ALWAYS leads to bloodshed or worse in Clive Barker's world.
I love haunted house stories and this is a good one, despite being all chopped up. I will get the DVD, just to see what I missed (sex and gore) and for the special features (Clive Barker speaking please.) Book of Blood is not as good as Midnight Meat Train, so it you are torn between the two choose the later. But it is a damn site better than the other SyFy Channel film I watched this week: Children of the Corn. Awful casting, awful special effects, awful editing........just awful. But, it restored the balance because this is what I expect from SyFy. (note: I do like SyFy's shows. I love Ghosthunters in particular. But the films are god awful. I mean, not even so bad they are good awful. Just awful. It took me 3 days to get through Children of the Corn.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Tribute

October 1st is rapidly approaching and it appears that all the cool kids are doing some kind of tribute or offering for this haunted month. Although I don't have the time, resources, or skill to do something really cool (check out "The Kind of Face you Hate" from my Monkey Fighters list) I can do my own tiny part. I already pretty much exclusively watch horror (does Gossip Girl count?) and read horror, so there is nothing special I can do there.  Blood offerings are right out. My husband frowns upon conjuring up the dead...

So, for my October/Halloween tribute, I have decided to focus on one artist from film or literature that I really should know more about.  After much soul searching I came up with the following contenders:
Lon Chaney.
David Cronenberg
Clive Barker
Michael Bay (just kidding!)

The theme is body horror.  Cronenberg and Barker should be obvious.. much of their work concerns body horror.  And Chaney, well, what he did to his body in the name of horror is just astonishing.  And since Cronenberg just depresses me (in a good way!) and I don't know if I could stand a whole month of people being skinned alive... the winner is Lon Chaney!!! 

Here is what my month is going to look like:

Phantom of the Opera
Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Unknown
Ace of Hearts
The Penalty
Outside the Law
Oliver Twist
Nomads of the North
The Shock
The Wicked Darling
Man of a Thousand Faces (about Chaney)

I guess I better haul ass and watch She Beast and Slaughter High.

New Nightmare

I love Jackie Earle Haley! Love him, love him. I don't love Mr. Bay. I really don't love Bay. So I already have mixed feelings about this. Hopefuly I can work this out before April.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SyFy classes it up a notch...

I have actually watched 2 things on the SyFy channel this week: Clive Barker's Book of Blood and Children of the Corn. One of them was actually very good. Hint: It was Book of Blood. Check the preview and return here for insightful thoughts on this adaptation of Mr. Barker's work from yours truly. But now, I must go play the role of brain dead Zombie at work.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lovecraft and Hollywood..

I am not sure how I feel about this news:  I am not a Ron Howard fan (although I did like Frost/Nixon: watching it made me feel "intellectual"- until it was over and I watched a rerun of "Gossip Girl.")  I love the idea of Lovecraft as an "action hero."  I just hope it doesn't turn out to be some kind of "Young Indiana Jones" shit.

Here is another article from the LA Times about Hollywood's new obsession with Lovecraft:
Stay away Rob Zombie!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"She's our monster....."

 Since I can't drag my ass out to Santa Cruz to see Paranormal Activity (I want to see this flick so bad I am having serious film-goer envy,) and I don't want to waste a post on Jennifer's Body (not as bad as I had heard, not as good as I had hoped.  I liked the stuff with the emo devil worshipping band, but that's about it.  If they had made the film about the posers in the band- now that would have been good.  Little side note: It is MUCH creepier to see a film like Jennifer's Body at the 12:20 Tuesday matinee by yourself when the only other people in the theatre of 3 middle aged creepy guys all sitting my themselves, than it is to see Halloween 2 all by yourself, no one else in the theatre.  I had to move twice to get maximum distance between myself and creepy guys.  And then I thought- What the hell am I doing with my life?,) that leaves me with writing about Deadgirl, an AWESOME new-wave Zombie flick.

Great poster right?!  Deadgirl was directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel and written by Trent Haaga (Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV.)  Don't let the Troma connection fool you: this is dead serious film (pun intended) and it is really, really good.  After being disappointed by Grace (a film I wanted to love) I approached Deadgirl with caution: it was, after all, getting the same kind of praise that Grace did (revolutionary, scary as hell, new voice in horror, you know the drill.)  The minute I saw the actual Deadgirl I knew that this WAS going to be a different, scary story. 

Two high school stoner-loser types cut class one day and go to the abandoned mental hospital to get drunk and throw shit around (as you do.)  In the basement of the hospital they discover, in a closed up room, a naked girl strapped to a table, seemingly dead.  They soon discover that she is NOT dead, and in fact, she can't be killed.  The boy with a shred of decency left in him (played by Shiloh Fernandez, who looks like a certain well known indie actor turned burned out white rapper) wants to go to the police.  His buddy, JT (played by Noah Segan,who looks like Andy Samberg) wants to "keep her."  Keep her they do, and JT at least does with her what you would expect.  The film really goes there in terms of grossness. The flick is like Stand by Me but taken to the next level: example- if the body in Stand by Me was that of a young girl and the boys were not stuck in a Rob Reiner film.  The good kid, Rickie, tries to do what he can to "save" the girl, but to no avail. What you think might become a battle between morality and evil progresses into something very different throughout the course of the film.  As the tensions between the boys rise, and each descends into his own little hell, the silent Deadgirl looks on, a witness and victim of their degradation.  The actress who plays her, Jenny Spain, is completely terrifying.  She can express with her eyes more than a lot of actresses can with a page of dialog- and, she is essentially a zombie. 

When the flick was finished (the ending, by the way, was perfect) I said "That was a fucking good movie."  My cat looked at me in disgust and left the room.  Since my husband does not care for horror, I make the cat watch all this shit with me.  His favorite film is Let the right one in, for obvious reasons.

True Blood: The Sitcom

Here is "True Blood" reimagined as a sitcom. It is funnier than most of the shit out there......

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mark of the Vampire (1935)

The other night, to cleanse my palate of "The Chaos Experiment" I watched "Mark of the Vampire" which I have had in my possession for some time.  I don't know why I have never watched it, but I am glad I really didn't know much about it other than that Bela Lugosi played a Vampire (Not Count Dracula) and that Tod Browning directed it after "Freaks."  What I did not know is that it is a remake of Browning's 1927 film "London after Midnight," starring Lon Chaney.  That film is the Holy Grail for Horror nuts- only a picture of
Chaney in full make-up remains...the original film is long lost (or is it????)

With Lugosi and Browning in need of hit, they returned to familiar material.  But "Mark of the Vampire" is no "Dracula" retread.  Lugosi plays "Count Mora," a man about whom little is known except he has a bullet hole on the side of his head (weird) and he hangs around with his equally creepy daughter "Luna."  When a prominent member of the village is murdered and drained of blood, suspicion falls upon the mysterious Count and his deathly daughter.  The murder victim's Daughter and her Fiancee might be next unless Professor Zelen (the awesome Lionel Barrymore) can solve the mystery before the sun goes down.......

Awesome dude...

Sounds groovy right?!  I won't say much more because there is a "Twist" that was totally unexpected (to me) and it made me love the movie all the more.  "Mark of the Vampire" has some great set designs, some of which reminded me of "Dracula" although a bit more creepy.  Lugosi is wonderful of course, the women are all hysterical nut jobs (except Luna, who is creepy cool,) and Barrymore, well I could watch him all day...

Now go have a Tod Browning film festival!!  Seriously, if you haven't seen "Freaks" you really must.  Watch it with the family.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Chaos Experiment, or 2 hours I will never have back....

I can't put off writing about this piece of crap any longer. I don't have enough booze in the house to give this film the thoughtful post it deserves and I don't want any of my (5?) readers to accidentally rent this.
I watch Val Kilmer/Armand Assante films so you don't have to.

Val Kilmer (channeling Marlon Brando circa "Island of Dr. Moreau" -all crazy as shit) plays a former Professor/professional crackpot who believes that Global Warming (calling Mr. Gore) is going to bring about Armageddon in 2012. Problem is, no one believes him because he wears turtlenecks and looks like he is always having a seizure. He walks into the newspaper office (in Grand Rapids, because if you know the would is going to end, you spread the word in Grand Rapids) and demands that the Publisher print his theories on the front page- otherwise 6 people that he has locked up in a Turkish bath steam room are going to die!!! Why are they locked up in a steam room? Because Kilmer (I didn't bother to write down character names, trust me, you won't either,) wants to show what will happen to the human body due to Global Warming: the lungs melt, the eyes cauterize, the guy from the Bronx with the leopard swimsuit will go crazy first, the hot chick will take off her top (that's for you guys..) and Eric Roberts will really try not to overact until the last act.
The Publisher makes perhaps the worst mistake of his life by calling in Armand Assante to investigate. Assante stars as THE WORST COP EVER. First of all he is drunk. Second, he doesn't call for any back up. Third, he takes Kilmer seriously (come on, he is wearing a turtleneck!!) And finally, I couldn't understand a word he was saying. At all. Watching Kilmer and Assante "size each other up" is like watching two 7 year old girls trying to decide who is "it." If you want to barf, watch the interrogation scene between these two, which goes on for about 4 hours. I literally had to restrain myself from pushing fast forward.
The best part about this flick, and I can't believe I am writing this, are the scenes in the steam room. At least something is happening and there is no Val Kilmer!! Plus, it was fun to play "who dies next." Much like Rob Zombie, the guy who directed this (Phillipe Martinez) takes the material way to seriously. So instead of being "so bad its good" its just "so bad."
One more thing: There is a twist ending tacked on to the end. I love me some twist endings, but this one did not make any sense to me. Perhaps, like Armand Assante, I "lack the intellectual capacity to take on a case like this..." I think the real problem is watching this flick killed a few too many brain cells...

The Growth

I liked this film when it was called "The Ruins." I only post this because they were smart enough to use Nine Inch Nails. Thanks Dwido..

coming soon...

One of these films I really liked on one I really hated. Can you guess which is which? Hint: I hated the one with Val Kilmer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's a bad Mama Jama....(Grace 2009)

Now no one loves Demon Cannibal Baby movies more than me, but I hate to say that "Grace" was a disappointment. Wait a freaking minute.... This new editor does not have spellcheck.. or am I just stupid and can't find it? I can "Strike through" some shit but I can't spell check? OK, forgive this post. I am going to finish but I can't spell worth a shet so forgive me...

Ok, I switched back to the old editor. What the hell? Like I know how to spell. Seriously, if I am just being stupid and can't find the spellcheck let me know.
Back to "Grace." To be pretentious (spell check) for a moment "Grace" was "obvious."
Any casual filmgoer could guess what was going to happen in this "there is nothing a Mother wouldn't do for her child" film.
I wanted to love this film because bloggers and critics were going ape shit over it, and a couple of people fainted at a screening ( I am learning that this fact does not a good film make.) I was ready to love it because it is a "Women's" horror film (about women, evil women, final girls, demon girl babies, etc...) and it starred Jordan Ladd, who is one of my favorite new horror chicks.
"Grace" starts out well. Madeline (Jordan Ladd) has a great husband and a beautiful home. Besides her Vegan diet and addiction to soy milk she seems like an OK person. She has been trying to get pregnant for a while, and has suffered through two miscarriages. When she finally does get pregnant, Madeline and her husband (who has no backbone) decide to utilize the services of a mid-wife. This particular mid-wife, Patricia, was Madeline's lover back in College. See, this is already getting unnecessarily complicated. Anyway, Madeline and her Husband are in a horrific car accident (in their Hybrid, which didn't run well. This film has a really weird anti-environmental message. The cat who is fed soy milk kills rats.. the hybrid car explodes, the mid-wife is a pissed off ex-lover, the mid-wife's assistant is a crazy jealous bitch, the whole place smells like patchouli, yada, yada,yada.) Husband gets killed, baby in the womb gets killed. Madeline, who is a few chapters short of a book anyway, decides to carry the baby to term. Patricia helps Madeline deliver (in a birthing pool, of course. I lived in Sebastopol, I know people like this. But if you want to deliver your dead baby in a birthing pool be my guest. I don't judge.) Cue shots of dead baby being cradled by a grieving Mother. Somehow Madeline "wills" the baby back to life. Instead of taking her daughter to a hospital, Madeline takes the baby (named Grace) home. All is well until flies start swarming around Grace and she starts to smell of rotting flesh. Oh, she also bleeds from various parts of her body. Still, Madeline does not take her to the hospital. Not because she is a crazy homeopathic Nazi, but because she is really becoming unhinged. Making matters worse is her crazy Mother-in-law, Vivian (played by Gabrielle Rose, the best and most disturbing part of this film.) Vivian is a Judge and a ball-breaker, and she is not taking the death of her only Son well. She becomes convinced that Madeline is crazy (she is right) and concocts a plan to take Grace away from her. This involves massaging her breasts to produce milk so SHE can breast feed Grace. She is in her late 50s. Believe it or not this is not where this film jumps the shark.

My future baby.....
While all of this is going on (there is also some nonsense with the ex-lover mid-wife) Madeline discovers that Grace only likes the taste of human blood. HER blood. As you can imagine, this makes breast feeding difficult. While I was watching this my husband ran into the room because I was screaming "ouch, ew, gross." I had to explain to him that I was fine and I was clutching my breasts because this film was giving me a panic attack.
I was still hoping, trying, to love this film at this point but once the final act started to take place it just became rushed and totally ridiculous (nothing was ridiculous before this, really.) Yes, Vivian gets hers (this is one of the most disturbing performances I have seen in a while,) but people who should be dead are not and some of the "foreshadowing" that takes place earlier in the film just is stupid. The final scene seems patched on, and you are left unsure as to what the filmmaker was trying to say. "Grace" aspires to a message. I was just confused as to what that message was. Is this a feminist film? An environmental film? An anti-environmental film? A demon baby film (yes please!?) I think this could have been a really cool, good film, but it was just complicated by all of this other shit that ruined it. Given a choice between this and "Halloween 2" I say "Grace" all the way baby......but that is not much of an endorsement. Given the choice between "Halloween 2" and "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo" I would say "Electric Boogaloo" baby. I actually watched part of that the other day. I have it on DVD. Let me know if you want to borrow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Purchases, round 2

This might be the coolest thing I have purchased so far!! Sorry for the bad audio quality, its my first "film"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Witchfinder General

Now that I am all cracker jack on Halloween Oreos and beer, it is time for me to write about "Witchfinder General" starring the immortal Vincent Price. How could you not love a film with the tag line "He'll hang, burn, & mutilate you." It is a guaranteed good time.
"Witchfinder General" was made in 1968 and released in the states as "The Conqueror Worm" to piggy back on the popularity of Corman's Poe films. This film has about as much to do with Poe as "Twilight" does, but slap on some audio of Price reading Poe's poem before the flick and there you go. Set in England during the 17th Century, "Witchfinder" tells the story of Matthew Hopkins, a lawyer and witch hunter who roamed the English countryside during the Civil War prosecuting and executing suspected Witches. Much like our own Salem Witch hunts, it only took the accusation of Witchcraft to bring the law down on you. Hopkins, based on an actual historical figure (although greatly exaggerated) made a pretty penny during his days as a Witch-hunter and indulged his own sadistic streak (in the film. In real life, Hopkins was without a doubt an asshole, but he was no Vincent Price evil asshole. No one did evil asshole like Price.)

"Witchfinder General" was directed by 24 year old "wunderkind" Michael Reeves. Reeves had directed two films before "Witchfinder:" "La sorella di Satana" (The She-beast,) 1966, and "The Sorcerers," 1967. The first film, with a cameo by Barbara Steele, I have heard is not so great. The second film, starring Boris Karloff and Reeve's childhood friend Ian Ogilvy, was supposed to be better (please see awesome preview in earlier post.) "Witchfinder General" was considered his masterpiece. It would have been considered the first great film of a great filmmaker, but Reeves died of a drug overdose 9 months after the film came out. It is one of those great "What could have been?" scenarios. Would he have gone on to a great career or would he have burned out like another "wunderkind" Orson Welles? He was working on another film with Price when he died. That would have been very interesting since the two did not get along during the making of "Witchfinder."

Word is Price was not Reeves first choice to play Hopkins, but Price was under contract to AIP and they insisted he play the part. Reeves, quite understandably, was worried about Price's tendency towards camp, and wanted the role played quite seriously. The result of that struggle of styles is one of the most restrained yet terrifying performances by Price. He is SCARY. He takes his job dead serious. He kills for money while pretending to do if for God. He feels no guilt and no compassion. He uses people, like the poor niece of a Priest he has put to death, for his own selfish needs (yes, Price gets down and dirty here.) When the niece's husband comes after him looking for revenge, he arranges HIS death. Along the way there is torture, rape, death by drowning, death by hanging, death by fire, and someone gets hacked to death with an ax. This is 1968 people!!! Critics were outraged. Audiences were scandalized. See, a good time was had by all.
I loved this film, and not only because of Price. It is actually, despite all the torture and burning and whatnot, a very beautiful film. It is set in the English countryside and there is not a bad shot in this pic. And the ending! The ending is such a downer, especially for a film from this era, you keep watching through the credits thinking the happy ending is right around the corner. Guess what- it is not. I watched it with my Dad and even he was "What the shit?" My advice is to get your Michael Reeves film festival underway. Three films! Enjoy!

I want, I want, I want...

Tonight of the Living Dead by 400 Lonely Things. Check out various links:

Buy it here:

Uh, not a fan of "ambient" but this, this I like! How could you not? Put it on before you go to bed and let the nightmares begin!!! Barbara likes it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Michael Reeves

Couldn't find a trailer for "The She-Beast" anywhere. But enjoy these two examples of Michael Reeves awesomeness!!

Insightful review of "Witchfinder General" to follow... but not now. I am dead tired from staying up watching that "Manson" special on A&E last night. Damn you A&E for being so riveting!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Halloween 2

Do I scare you?

Everyone, it seems, has a very strong opinion about "Halloween 2." Scratch that. They either have a very strong opinion that they hate it and Rob Zombie should go crawl under a rock, or they write: "Well, it's not good, but it's not THAT bad..."

This bathroom is gross.
I fall into the second camp. It is NOT a good flick. It is not so bad it's good. But I have seen worse. "Feardotcom," for instance, is worse than this flick. The "Friday the 13th" remake is worse. "The Hills have Eyes 2-the remake" is better. "The last House on the Left-remake" is worse. " Tom Savini's version of "Night of the Living Dead" is better. It's a very complicated rating system....

That is the chick from "Reno 911"
Mr. Zombie starts the film with a some psychobabble quote about white horses and then proceeds to beat that imagery to death. He then places us in the hospital with poor Laurie Strode, understandably freaked the shit out over her experience. Just when you think "Wow, he is really following the storyline of the original second film" he wakes up Laurie. It was all a dream. How clever.

Cut to a year later and Laurie is a total mess. She even has a tattoo. This I like. Of course she would be a mess- her life is really fucked up!! And she works for Howard Hessman in a hippie coffee shop. Not good. Dr. Loomis, the always great Malcolm McDowell, is on tour promoting his new book about Myers. Loomis, Laurie, and Myers all converge on Haddonfield on... you guessed it....Halloween. And everyone is having bad dreams and hallucinations and listening to shitty music...... its a bad trip.
The flick has a couple of good scares and some gore but nothing mind blowing. The only sequence I thought was kind of cool involved pumpkin people. Zombie should make this film next instead of "The Blob." Here is my problem with Zombie: He doesn't have a sense of humor. There is no humor in this... at all. It is so serious and so ridiculous you want to slap the film in its face. If you are going make a film about a 8ft guy with Mommy issues eating dogs and stalking his poor fucked up sister.........well, you just can't take yourself that seriously. And Zombie films this like it is fucking "Citizen Kane." Lighten up, you are a rock star. Come on...
Now that I am done with my rant, let me just say I don't hate Zombie and I really didn't hate this film. It just made me want to watch the original "Halloween," hell, even the original "Halloween 2" again just to see how a good film is done. And that is a good thing.

Halloween purchases so far...

Yes, this is hours of awesome and fun entertainment....
Gift from friend appropriately named "Pumpkin"..... Please note headless Zombie in the background, a gift from a mindless minion...

This bottle won't last long. I am going to Sonoma County this weekend... Where are the "Zombie Cellars" anyway? That is where I want to be.

The only thing I was really looking for this Halloween.... a nice Raven. Soon to be nailed to the bust of Pallas just above my chamber door.
I know you are waiting for my insightful review of "Halloween 2." Sorry, have to keep waiting. I need a night to sleep on this one. I will let you know of my experience at the theatre however. My ring tone is the Halloween theme. I wondered if my cell phone went off during this movie anyone would notice. Then I thought "Of course not, I am the only freaking person in this theatre!" Yes, I had a private showing. It actually enhanced the experience because when I got bored during the flick, I could run around the theatre pretending that Michael Myers was chasing me.
I didn't really, but I could have.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Time to get classy...

What could be more classy than James Mason narrating my favorite Edgar Allan Poe short "The Tell-Tale Heart?" I say that is my favorite but I love them all so very much.. Especially "The Black Cat" which still gives me nightmares (rare non-zombie nightmares...) What I love about "The Tell-Tale Heart" is that is gets scarier with every reading. I read it for the first time when I was maybe 12 or 13, and all I knew of horror was "Frankenstein" and "Night of the Living Dead." Well, I also knew "Last house on the Left" and "I Spit on your Grave" but that is another post.. I remember thinking at the time that the thing with the milky eye and the fact that the narrator could still hear the beating of the dead man's heart was pretty freaky, but beyond that... well, where were the zombies? The Ax-murderers? The Gore?

Jump to ten years later. In college, no doubt putting off working on my thesis, I re-read the tale. Wow, I forgot there was actual dismemberment in this short. And dark, dark humor. And tension... The whole act of peeking in on the old man every night, slowly sticking the head in through the door, turning on the lantern so that just a sliver of light hits the soon to be dead man's milky eye...

Now, ten years on (this makes me 42?) I read the tale again, this time while on my lunch break. Who am I kidding, I read it while working. It was slow. Actual heart palpitations and cold sweats. "The Tell-Tale Heart" is about madness and terror. Not horror, but actual terror, both the narrators and the old mans. The scariest part for me is the period between the old man hearing a noise in his room and bolting upright, and the actual murder. Poe makes you not only feel the terror that the old man is feeling, but also the nervous anticipation and insanity of the nameless killer. The fact that the narrator swears he is sane is all the more chilling. It makes you question your own sanity. I didn't understand this when I was younger. The "Tell-Tale Heart" is a story that becomes all the more terrifying with age and wisdom.

What else is more terrifying with age and wisdom? The films of Mr. Rob Zombie. Terrifyingly bad. I am off to see H2 today. I don't know why either...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Call Jason and Grant, but not those douchebags from that other show...

You know that show I am talking about.. I think it is on the Travel Channel and it has the douchebags ghost hunting.. I usually love all Travel Channel shows and all Ghost hunting shows but not this one!! I can't even watch it! I feel like I need a shower. So I am not "haunting" the interweb enough because I have never heard of this flick. Thank God above I kept my "Entertainment Weekly" subscription. I love movies that make me dizzy (I am serious, I really do. I don't understand people that complain about them. Don't go, and don't pretend you didn't know it was going to be that kind of film. I heard someone complaining after "District 9" and I wanted to say "The the hell are you doing here? Did you think this was the Sandra Bullock movie?") Anyway, I want to see this because the thing I love most (after Zombies) are Ghosts! Well, I love my husband and family and cat the most, but the spookiest thing I love most, after Zombies, are Ghosts. And Ghouls. When is a good Ghoul film coming out?