Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ex Machina- A very short rambling review..... Maybe spoilers.

 It takes a special film to make me stop being a lazy bitch and write a post.  I have about 5 posts planned, going back 6 months, but do you think I could write them?  No.  I would rather catch up on 30 Rock.  I must have one of the longest recorded cases of writer's block on record.  Honestly the only reason I am writing this is that I am too nervous to watch the Warriors game.  Game 2, second round playoffs.  As a long time Warrior fan I cannot help but feel a sense of doom.  I have faith, but I also know that the ball could literally drop at any fucking moment.  Nothing is assured (except that Curry is an absolute fucking monster.)  Much like this film, I don't know what is going to happen next, and that is why it is so damn fantastic.  

I can't describe Ex Machina as anything except a total mind fuck.  The trailer tells you the story.  I don't need to go into here.  Needless to say any film that mentions the "Turing Test" in the first 5 minutes has my attention, I am that kind of wannabe geek.  

Ava is AI.  The first of her kind (or is she?)  Because you have consciousness's does that mean you are moral?  Does being self aware make you beholden to other people?  These are the larger questions asked in this film.  The comparisons to Frankenstein are quite valid. Who is the monster?  The creature or the creator?  Where did I leave my keys?

Go see this.  It will keep you up all night.