Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Activities..

I am not working on Halloween this year, so I have all day to enjoy ghoulish things. First I will finish reading my book "Coraline," which is the scariest book I have ever read in my life. And it is awesome because it was (sorta) written for children. I can only read one chapter a night or I have too many bad dreams..
Then I will watch some nice movies from my collection. Unfortunately my dad borrowed my deluxe version of Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" so I won't get to see zombies attacking the shopping mall (it's like watching Frosty the Snowman at Christmas) so I will have to settle for other undead horrors.

And then, in the evening, Turner Classic Movies is having an HP Lovecraft festival, featuring my favorite freak-out, "The Dunwich Horror." Also, that evening, my favorite Jazz station is playing 3 hours of old-timey spooky music. So, as you can see, I will be quite busy sitting on my ass all day.

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