Monday, December 6, 2010

Frozen (Spoilers)

Spoilers ahead

 I had high hopes for Frozen.  Not only because it was Adam Green's follow up to Hatchet (a film that didn't live up to the hype but was quite fun) but also because the scenario (I am using a thesaurus!) seemed quite original.  Here's the lowdown: three friends are at a ski resort for the weekend.  Dan and Joe have been friends since grammar school.  Along for the ride is Dan's newish girlfriend, Parker.  She seems like a nice enough girl, a good sport, but Joe resents the fact that Dan has dragged her along on the boys weekend.  Don't start thinking "repressed homosexual feelings" like I did.  This movie isn't really that deep.  Parker is just kind of a buzz kill. 

The trio bribe the lift operator to let them ride all day.  This becomes important to the story because the gang are not accounted for by the ski resort.  When they convince the operator to let them go up one last time for a night run, he agrees, and then gets distracted, asking another operator to take over for him.  This becomes important to the story because a miscommunication between the operators leaves Dan, Joe, and Parker stranded mid-air with the ski resort closed for the week.  They are screwed.  After a few hours they realize no one is coming for them and that they won't survive a week in the lift.  Dan decides to jump.  Dan, not being to smart, jumps feet first and breaks (in half) both of his legs.  This becomes important to the story because Dan cannot move, cannot get help, and is going to die from blood loss.  It is now up to Parker and Joe to figure out what to do.  While they are bickering they hear a howl from the woods.  A wolf had shown up and is eying Dan.  This becomes important to the story because eventually wolves are going to eat Dan and Joe.

And this is where the movie lost me.  I had an idea of what might happen.  I was looking forward to a man against the elements survival/horror hybrid.  Would I have thought that two of the three people stuck in the chair lift would get eaten by wolves?  No.  Would I have thought that Parker would end up getting away so easily? No.  Usually I like when a film throws a curve ball at me, but not in this case.  The movie in my head turned out to be better than the movie on the screen.  Great set-up, some decent acting, and beautiful cinematography: that is what is good about Frozen.  Man eating wolves?  I can't believe I am saying this but it just didn't do it for me.  Bears would have been awesome.


Scare Sarah said...

I thought Kate Beckinsale would make this a must see. Hmmm...

Shoshanah Marohn said...

I had some friends who got stuck in a ski lift exactly like that, once. They just jumped down. Nobody broke anything. Everyone was fine. It seemed pretty scary at first, but it wasn't. They skied down the hill. Went home. And then they got eaten by wolves while drinking beer in their backyard!

True story. Except for that last sentence.