Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogger Zombie Walk 2011: Zombies invade the Funnies

Welcome to the 2011 Blogger Zombie Walk!  For my contribution I present: Zombies Invade the Funnies!  Besides horror, and all things horror related (especially Zombies), one of my great loves is the Funny Pages.  I swear the only reason I subscribe to the paper is the Funnies section.  Take that out and  screw you San Jose Mercury News!!  If you read this blog you know my favorite comic is LIO, by Mark Tatulli.  LIO is a monster kid who is actually happy that there are monsters hiding under his bed.  Zombies, my true monster love, show up a lot in LIO.  Surprisingly enough, they show up in a lot of other comics as well.  Zombies, besides being scary, are pretty funny.  Please enjoy this selection of Newspaper funnies featuring Zombies.  Most of these comics can be found at the excellent site

MONTY by Jim Meddick 

LIO by Mark Tatulli

BLISS by Harry Bliss

BIZARRO by Piraro


DILBERT by Scott Adams

Jeff Swenson at

and finally...

Thanks to Zombies and Toys for this one.  Find more comics at

Two great sources for other awesome comics (Zombie and non-Zombie) are Zombie Reporting Center, a pretty excellent site for all things Zombie, and The Comics Curmudgeon.  I recommend The Comics Curmudgeon because I think this guy is as obsessed with Rex Morgan M.D. as I am.  Speaking of Rex, here is a list of comics I would love to see Zombies invade...

  1. Rex Morgan M.D.
  2. The Family Circus
  3. Mary Worth
  4. For Better or for Worse
  5. Luann (kill that bitch!)
  6. Mutts
  7. Prince Valiant
  8. Ziggy (is that still around?)
  9. Blondie
  10. Garfield
Hope you have enjoyed by section of the Blogger Zombie walk.  For more Zombie goodness, check out these Monkey Fighters:">Above the Norm: Bizarre Arizona">Zombies Everywhere">Holly's Horrorland">Little Gothic Horrors">Anything Horror">Katy Bennett Horror Writer and Poet">Bubba's Place">Horror Smorgasbord">Gnostalgia">Monkey Man">Words and Music">Red Shoes Chronicles">The Wolf's Eyes">My Day in a Sentence">Pixie's Horror Galore">Strange State">The Misadventures of HalloweeNut">Halloween Blues">Kweeny Todd">The California Blogging Massacre">Horror Shock Lolipop">Vanessa Morgan">Improbable Frontiers">No Really, You Can Eat It">Art By Living Dead Girl Nicole">Two Gory Chicks">A Dust Bunny in the Wind">A Ghoul's Best Friend">Zombies Are Magic">Cherry Neko Saves the World">Tall Tales">At the Mansion of Madness">The Haunted Rose">The Rotting Zombie">Halloween Overkill">Out of the Shadows">Creepy Glow Keyhole Gallery">Creepy Glowbugg">Bifocal Univision">Haiku-Koo-Koo">Sherry Soule">Anchors and Roses">Paranormal Researchers Group">Whispering Pines History">Lovely Miss Megs">Sean Thomas Fisher's Blogwash">Rise and Fight">Stump Town Horror">LoliClown's Little Blog of Horror">Zombies Can't Love">Books and Beyond">The Grave Bandits">Screaming Goregasms">Lazy Daisy Life">Icky Monster">Pretty in Fiction">Ivy's Closet">Justine's Halloween">Annie Walls">Just Johnny
and last but not least:

If you are not sure what a Monkey Fighter is, check out the edited for television version of Snakes on a Plane.  I say it with love.


Sharon Day said...

I am thrilled that zombies are taking over pop culture. It really puts things into perspective. We already walk around like zombies with cell phones glued to our ears and apparently have unending appetites, so I'd say we're the land of the zombies1

Two Gory Chicks said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome zombie comics. I particularly love the thousand pound man one hehe.

Come check us out:


Annie said...

These were great! Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Soule said...

Fantastic post! The last comic was my favorite. Made me chuckle

Thanks for sharing. Zombies ROCK!! :-D


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Bubba said...

Zombilicious GoComics FTW!

(I read them all the time!)

Vanessa Morgan said...

I love these cartoons. The Brewster Rockit one is my favorite.
~Vanessa Morgan

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Thanks for sharing those funnies! The Fat man and the zombies outside of his window made me laugh out loud. :)

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Cool zombie comic strips! I love that the posts are all so different and unique on this walk.

Monkey Man said...

I share that live of comics. Like you, it may be one if the few reasons for still having the paper delivered to my home. It is like s morning meditation. Great group of zombified material you've gathered.

Jen said...

Thanks everyone for the great feedback! I am glad to know so many horror hounds still love the Funnies!

Leo Godin said...

I love the Facebook one. Hilarious.