Friday, December 23, 2011

American Horror Story: Revisited

 When I first watched and reviewed American Horror Story I was highly critical of it.  It seemed like horror made by people who really didn't have an idea of what was scary.  Characters, scenes, and even music were borrowed from various horror films and inserted into what seemed to be a family drama.

Well as time went on I fell in love with the show.  I loved the horror film references, I loved the completely fucked up family, and I loved Jessica Lange's performance as Constance, the ultimate survivor.

American Horror Story in many ways was a truly brave show.  Not only for some of the crazy things Ryan Murphy and Co. put on the screen, but for the twists and turns and the absolute delight they took in killing off anyone at anytime! 

Central to the series were two relationships.  Vivian and Ben, the married couple dealing with infidelity and heartbreaking loss.  There was also Violet, Vivian and Ben's depressed daughter, and her relationship with the psychotic but looking for redemption Tate.  The arc of both of these relationships plays out beautifully throughout the series and is really the heart of the show.

Then of course there are the ghosts.  As the series progressed it reminded me more and more of Clive Barker's Coldheart Canyon.  The ghosts, trapped in this prison of a house, make a society amongst themselves.  I loved that the last episode was kind of a "Grand Roll Call" of all of the house's otherworldly inhabitants.

Speaking of the finale, I loved it.  I am reading that some people are upset. They feel that it doesn't answer enough questions.  Personally, I don't have any questions left.  People that deserve to be alone are alone, and people that deserve to be happy are happy.  I found it very satisfying and I love that Constance is raising the Anti-Christ.  She is perfect for it!

Ryan Murphy today announced that the next season would take place in a new location with a new cast and that each season would be a self contained story examining some other aspect of America Horror (except Vampires!)  This has also pissed off some people.  Again, I love it!  As long as he keeps the show brave, gory, and shocking I will watch! 

For more info check out this article at DListed.

I love Michael K's writing.  Full of swear words and all over the place!  A bit like mine I think!

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