Monday, January 23, 2012

Dahmer 2002

Dahmer, from 2002 and starring Jermey Renner, is not really a horror film, although there are horrific elements in it (duh).  It is more of an arty docu-drama.  Or, an episode of BIOGRAPHY directed by Sophia Coppola.  Meaning it's slow and there are a lot of shots of people looking and sighing.

The film, which is a combo of present day and flashback, rests solely on Jeremy Renner's performance, and his performance is amazing.  He is really, really creepy.  Beyond that, the film doesn't tell us much about Dahmer besides the fact that he had a controlling father (Bruce Davidson) and a drinking problem.  Already knew that from BIOGRAPHY. 

The whole film looks like a 70's porno which adds to the creep factor. The flashbacks, which progressively go further back in time until we see Dahmer's first kill, are very disturbing.  More disturbing however are the "present" day scenes, where Dahmer is trying to kill a young man he lured into his apartment.  It is sad and frustrating that the young man doesn't get the hint that Dahmer is a FREAK.  The young man is so desperate for affection he sees a kindred spirit in Dahmer.  What he doesn't know is that there is a head in the freakin' freezer!  Get out dude!

Like I said, the only thing I recommend this film for is Renner's performance.  If you have some sort of thing for Jermey Renner (not saying I do.....but I do) it is worth seeing.  There is not a lot of gore, but the film did make me uncomfortable.  But Sophia Coppola's films make me feel uncomfortable too so there you go.

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Will Errickson said...

Yeah, this is mostly interesting for taking a look at Renner's performance, esp since now he's gone on to bigger and better things.