Monday, March 4, 2013

The Walking Dead: "Clear"

I don't write about The Walking Dead much, partially because it would be too much work every week (and I am extremely lazy, obviously), but also because its just something that I really enjoy, and I never want what I really enjoy to feel like work. Not that this blog is work, but if I felt I HAD to do it, I wouldn't want to.  I love The Walking Dead and I can forgive it at its worst because it's best is so damn good.   Last nights episode, Clear, is being hailed as the best since the pilot, and I have to agree.  It's definitely the best episode since Pretty Much Dead Already (the one where they find Sophia in the barn) and strongest of this season (although for emotional wallop you can't beat Lori's death). 

I won't give out spoilers but everything from episode 12 was just about perfect.  The set design (read the graffiti and signs carefully: they payoff), the writing, the acting, the structure: just the best of what this series could be.  There are zombies and gore, for those of you who hate the "character building" episodes.  The returning character completely caught me by surprise, and it was heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking yet hopeful in a sense: I think the encounter made Rick take the fast train out of crazy town.  He saw what future could be: isolation, madness, despair.  Although it is true, as the returning character says, that "everyones fate is to be torn apart by teeth or bullets," Rick realizes he must have a purpose, he must keep his humanity or he will end up one of the "meek" who inherit the earth.

So many good things in this episode!  Can't wait to re watch it next week.  Here are a few non-spoiler highlights:
  • Michonne says actual sentences!  They gave her more than one line!
  • The zombies in the diner.
  • The hitchhiker
  • The graffiti and warning signs: read and watch carefully
  • Carl proving he is not just a machine
  • Rick being Rick again.
  • "I know you see things"

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Shoshanah Marohn said...

This entry got me watching the Walking Dead again.

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