Monday, April 15, 2013

Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle

Granted, I don't usually read books aimed at the 10-13 year old market, however, when I stumble upon a book set at "Lovecraft Middle School" I just can't help myself.  When the book also has a nifty "change-o" cover I am even more intrigued.   Feeling the need for a carefree read and longing to re-connect with my inner 12 year old boy self (what?) I read Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle. 

Robert Arthur is a typical 11 year old boy.  He is starting a new school: Lovecraft Middle School, a state-of-the-Art facility financed by mysterious backers.  Robert's bully, Glenn, has also transferred to this school, a fact that does not make Robert's life any easier.  From day one weird things happen at Lovecraft: rats in every locker, a mysterious library that seems to have a disappearing wing, and a Science teacher, Professor Gargoyle, who has a habit of eating hamsters whole. 

Robert's life changes when he finds a very obedient two-headed rat in his backpack and he saves the bully Glenn from a Cthulu like monster in his locker.  He also meets a little girl, Karina, who may be a ghost.  What else would you expect from a place called Lovecraft!

I wish my middle school had demons, monsters, and ghosts.  I might be more well adjusted than I am.  This book was very cute and intended to be the first in a series.  I love any art that introduces horror to children.  This is a good introduction without being overly scary.  Author Charles Gilman must have known adults would read this as well, as there are a lot of Lovecraft in-jokes.  The characters also talk about the movie Poltergeist without naming it.  Go do your research kids!!!  Gilman is giving you a horror education and you don't even know it!

Damn I want a two-headed rat.  I only know one child and she is too young for such a book.  Plus, she only likes dinosaurs.  So I don't know who I am recommending this to unless it's you, dear reader.  If you want a quick read that is totally charming pick this up!

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