Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Heart TV

Since I have been sick with the plague I have had alot of time to re-connect with my old friend: TV. As you may remember we tried a social experiment where we went without TV. That was fine until we realized that Basketball season was coming up soon. Now we have more TV that we know what to do with. 900 channels. So here are the shows I am currently watching. #1 on my TV and in my heart is DEXTER. We are actually still catching up on Season 1 and taping Season 3. This is the perfect show in every way. Gory, funny, and sometimes scary.

True Blood, which I thought would suck, is actually very good and very funny. It is like the Twilight series for grown-ups. (By that I mean there is ALOT of sex in it.)

Pushing Daisies is just the sweetest show out there. It is really oddball and eccentric, and has the best cast on TV. It had a short run last year because of the writer's strike, but I am so glad it is back. It premieres Wednesday night.

Whatever. Everyone has a deep dark secret don't they?

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