Monday, September 15, 2008

My Commute

The old Dumbarton Bridge.
Here is a list of things I saw on the side of the road of the Dumbarton Bridge during my commute yesterday.
  • A Teddy Bear
  • A Twin Size Mattress
  • Numerous dead birds
  • A Minnie Mouse Doll
  • A dead Jack-Rabbit
  • A Hard Hat
  • A very pretty Purple and Turquoise striped hoodie
  • 3 black garbage bags filled with unknown substances (probably body parts)
  • About 50 yards or so of pink yarn
  • A can of Steel Reserve

The jack rabbit and Minnie Mouse doll have been there for over a month. Minnie keeps getting hit by cars and moved down the bridge. Pretty soon she will be in Palo Alto.

The New York Times did a really great article about the greatest actor alive. Check it out: