Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Carnage

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was great to spend the day with Family and Friends and Dogs and Cats. Such as SAM here, my parents bi-polar cat..
And Garfield, the stray cat who wisely adopted my father and now has complete run of the house.
This is Grandma's dog, who despite recently having a stroke is in great shape. I couldn't get her to sit still long enough for a non-fuzzy picture.

My sister and me (or I).

The happy Christmas couple!

My Nephew Tim showing off his new stuff for his apartment. The greatest kid ever!

Frodo looking for something to eat.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Jonathan and Howard. Howard was frankly shocked and amused by the Christmas Carnage.

My beautiful niece Valerie, who kept picking up wrapping paper the whole evening. I don't think she sat down once.

Val and my other nephew David. I got him the "Beers of the World" gift set and he really loved it.

See, Valerie is not sitting down.

Our little Christmas miracle, who helped me wrap presents. Thank you to everyone for such a nice Christmas. Coming up next: My Zombie Christmas.

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