Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Sebastopol...

I am no huge fan of Sebastopol, the town where my parents live, simply because I don't care for the smell of Patchouli and wheat grass. But the town does have its charms, like its public art, which is everywhere and is mostly bad. Driving to my parents on Christmas Eve we spotted this piece of Art on the outskirts of town. We stopped on the way home so we could take pictures.
It is supposed to be an angel but it looks like a) A Zombie (awesome) b) A white girl with dreadlocks and a tiara and c) someone tied to a tree about to get burned at the stake.

My favorite part was the 5-6 dumped, perfectly good Christmas trees around the statue. I don't know if this was part of the installation, an offering, or some drive-by critics thoughts about the piece.

This was also near the angel. It looks like Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.

I don't mean to make fun. Art is Art and good for Angel guy to put it out there. But really, it was kinda creepy. The above picture best represents my feeling about the Sebastopol Angel.


Zelmarific said...

The Christmas trees are to help get the fire going.

I love these pictures! Sometimes I forget about the freak show where I came up. It is like no other place on Earth.

Jen said...

Seriously! That place is crazy! They do this "sculpture jam" every year and then display the results as you drive into town. You think it would be cool but its NOT!!