Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Night of the Demons 1988

I have "Fangoria" to thank for my recent viewing of Night of the Demons from 1988. They did an article about the recent remake. The remake looks pretty terrible, but the original I had to see for the lipstick scene alone. I won't spoil it, but if let me just tell you it involves a possessed Linnea Quigley, some pink lipstick, and her boob. It is really the most bizarro thing I have seen in a while. It pretty much saves what is otherwise a pretty boring moving. 10 friends hold a Halloween party in the haunted "Hull House." These people are the most unappealing group of assholes I have ever seen on screen. No doubt they were such douche bags that they didn't get invited to any other Halloween parties. Anyway, they hold a seance, as you do, and then start to turn into Demons. I was literally rooting for everyone to die.


Franco Macabro said...

Yeah, this one is a fun watch. I do love the opening title sequence, its so freaking 80s.

The lipstick scene is classic amongst horror fans, it was so convincingly done!

The remake looks all kinds of awful, its no wonder it hasnt been released yet.

Jen said...

I agree, the opening animation was cool and I liked the thing with the old guy at the end. Plus, the acting is SO BAD it is actually fun to watch!!