Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TCM Event Series: Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein

I had a day off and finally some time to watch a horror movie!  What did I chose?  Hellraiser 3!  I forgot I watched and wrote about it 2 short years ago.  I looked back at my post and realized I was going to write the exact same thing this time, with more emphasis on the awesomeness of shoulder pads.  I will spare you all and instead share this awesome info: On October 24th, as part of TCM"s Event Series, theatres everywhere will be showing a double feature of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein.  It is a Halloween dream come true!

Tickets are already available.  Check it out at:

They are also playing The Birds and To Kill a Mockingbird.  Thank you TCM for giving us all a chance to see these classics up on the big screen!

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The Movie Waffler said...

I’m putting together a new blogathon. It’s called “Winning Streak” and the idea is that you write about what you consider to be the most impressive unbroken run of great movies from a chosen film-maker. So for example mine would be Robert Altman’s run from Brewster McCloud (1970) to Nashville (1975) where in my opinion he made seven fantastic movies.
Let me know if you fancy taking part.