Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back from Vacation

We just got back from vacation last night (a day early because my back gave out. You turn 35 and everything starts to fall apart.) We had a great time, despite back trauma, and I will soon post pictures of Pandas and Mickey and Turtles and whatnot. In the meantime enjoy this trailer for "Zombieland." Entertainment Weekley declared that Zombies are the next big thing. No shit. Enough with these vampires. Speaking of Vampires, the True Blood premiere was very good. It looks like they are going to get into even more freaky stuff this year. More Eric!!!

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Dwido said...

To be brutally frank, yes, I know Bruce Campbell and Woody Harrelson is no Bruce Campbell. And Bill Murray, too! Spare me, the Rincon Valley grumpy old man who is drinking diet-coke cause he ain't got no Peets this morning,