Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I am not the final girl

I mean really- at some point wouldn't you just give up and say "OK, kill me because I am tired of you jumping out at me and shit. Really." This preview looks better than the first. But I also thought the "Terminator: Salvation" trailer was awesome so there you go.

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Dwido said...

Most horror movies, 95% of the bad ones anyway, distance you, in some way, from the gut-wrenching pain and suffering that is true 'horror', whether it be bad acting, poor writing, crappy directing, lame humor, etc, but RZ gets it right: horror is brutally painful and unrelenting, endless screaming and verbal anquish. If nothing else redeems his films, its this attention to the 'music' of suffering. RZ's movies are not so much visual as they are auditory symphonies from Dante's Hell.