Thursday, November 13, 2008

Total Movie Awesomeness!!!

I am so loving AIP films and Roger Corman. The most recent one I saw was "House of Usher" starring Vincent Price (shocker: nothing like the story). This movie is really good. The set design is fantastic, the acting is great (well, Vincent Price's acting is great, as always), and the screenplay was written by Richard Matheson! He is one of my favorites, and I didn't realize when I started watching it that he wrote it.
Vincent Price plays one of his "tortured souls" here, not really a bad man but an incredibly doomed one. While watching the film I kept feeling that there was just something a little "funky" about it (being filmed in 1960 it is kinda early for really funky) and then, again at the credits, I realized what it was:

Les Baxter did the score! Although not quite the acid trip that the score for "Dunwich Horror" was, this was is still pretty groovy.

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