Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You're in terrible danger girl..

So I forgot to sing "There's a Party in my Tummy" this morning at breakfast but I did sing it last night at dinner and this afternoon at lunch. I can't wait to sing it at Thanksgiving dinner!! I might have to sing it as a silent little prayer to myself since I don't want people thinking I am totally crazy. I could pretend I am saying grace, but I will be really whispering "There's a Party in my Tummy, so Yummy, so Yummy" and everyone will think I found God.

Anyway, here is the movie trailer to Coraline, one of my favorite books. It looks like they are emphasizing the more whimsical aspects of the story, which is OK, but the book is really, really scary and I hope that translates to the film.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Shoshanah Marohn said...

I love your new picture at the top! It reminds me of Desmond. I don't know who it is...

Hey, so, I read Coraline because I saw it here, of course! It was very scary. I loved it.

Jen said...

I am so glad you read Coraline! The guy in the picture is from Yo Gabba Gabba, my new favorite show. It may very well be Desmond!

Shoshanah Marohn said...

I like the episode with Elijah Wood! or do they all have Elijah Wood?

Brian seems a bit disturbed by it, and yet he wants to get Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles form Netflix. We couldn't remember what the last turtles name was. I suggested Georgia O'Keeffe, but somehow, I think I'm wrong,