Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ZAM Worldwide

Wow, I just found out one of my favorite Horror Bloggers linked to my site! I haven't felt this accepted since I made the Cheerleading Squad as a freshman in high school. Of course I was kicked off the squad by the time basketball season began (true story.) Now that I know I have more than 5 readers I guess I will have to start really trying rather than half-assing it. Please, 5 readers, don't think I didn't give you my all. I just mean that now I will use spell check and look up actors names instead of saying "the dude from Heroes."

1 comment:

Dwido said...

She's back! Praise the Dark Mistress! Lead us into temptation
where we can see Evil, for thou haveth the power to open the doors
of perdition. Yea, make us laugh
and make us tremble.