Thursday, August 27, 2009



What to see this weekend? "Halloween 2" or "The Final Destination" (aka Final Destination 4-the one in 3-D.) Why not see both you might ask? Well, I have 20 bucks to my name until next Friday and although I know in my heart of hearts these are both going to suck and I should just go see "District 9" again... I feel obligated. So H2 is directed by Rob Zombie: who I admire both as a musician and horror freak. Final D is in 3-D. H2 has Malcolm McDowell, who is all kinds of cool. Final D is in 3-D. H2 will have interesting music.....Final D is in 3-D. You catch my drift. I guess I should see the 3-D flick, but then I will feel left out on what everyone is bitching about
on Saturday. H2 it is! That is what my black, black heart is telling me to go see....

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