Monday, August 10, 2009

The Graveyard Book..

Rattle his bones
Over the stones
It's only a pauper
Who nobody owns
I want to go live with Nobody Owens and Coraline in Neil Gaiman's magical world (minus Tori Amos) forever and ever. This book was so wonderful I was sad when I finished it. I have to say I liked it better than "Coraline," which is high praise indeed (but I also like "Mommie Dearest" a lot so take what I say with a grain of salt.) "The Graveyard Book" tells the story of Nobody Owens, nicknamed "Bod," who is being raised by the ghostly inhabitants of a graveyard. Had I read this book when I was a little girl my parents would have to have put a leash on me to keep me from running away to the graveyard. "The Graveyard Book" is almost like a "portmanteau" film (a word I vow to use everyday) in that it is made up of short, interconnected stories. And it is scary!!!! Really scary, and not just for kids. And it has Ghouls!! Ghouls might be my new favorite thing because they are much more interesting than Zombies, which really are not that interesting at all. If you read one book this year, and you have already read "Mommie Dearest," make it "The Graveyard Book." Tricks are for kids.

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Dwido said...

Tis the ultimate 'campy horror
movie'. Scary not; outrageously
funny yes! Terry-Thomas and Joseph Cotton: excuse me, WHAT?
Yes, Dwido agrees: a mastepiece that never fails to please no
matter how many times one has seen it!